Publishing House

Rawiya Editions was founded in February 2012, the child of two book lovers, Patricia Elias and Dima Samaha. Their paths in publishing and literature brought them together for a new project: bring into existence books they would like to see on their bookshelves.


Encounter is at the heart of Rawiya Editions which values these moments and all its of shoots, from the discovery of a text until its publication.


Rawiya is a above all a story of human, literary, artistic, and intellectual encounters, real or fictional, between an author and an editor, an editor and a text, a book and a reader. And sometimes even between various authors. This publishing house conceives its works as spaces for conversation.

Rawiya’s identity is defined by a desire to publish books the editor’s deem necessary, giving the book new functions.


As publishing unfolds, Rawiya will push for archives and unpublished documents, visuals and dialogues, never presented to the public before. Living testimonies of history and artistic expression, these documents have deeply marked the collective Arab imaginary of numerous generations.


Rawiya’s catalog is directed at a large readership, bilingual or trilingual. Rawiya publishes in Arabic, French, and English. Experts and amateurs, curious, nostalgics, utopians, collectors, avant-gardists, will meet over a library that is built on a general approach to specialized subjects.