Publishing Activities

Rawiya Editions provides support for individuals and institutions in need of a strong graphical and editorial identity. Publishing activities bring together central tasks that go from content creation to printing. Rawiya collaborates with professionals of the book industry in order to offer its services during all steps of the way until the final printing stage.


Our Services


Consultancy; follow-up; printing quotes; choice of material and papers; binding.



Visual identity guidelines (format, colors, typography, visuals, illustrations, pictograms, diagrams); all type of projects’ layout.



A number of languages, among which, French, Arabic and English.



Editing in three languages English, French and Arabic and on three levels of texts: 1/Orthography, Typography and punctuation; 2/Syntactic and verification of editorial content, quotes and epigraphs; 3/Consultancy and rewriting of the text’s structure.



All kinds of texts and paratexts: Biography, Interview, Testimony, Institutional narrative, Report, Statement, Foreword, Preamble, Preface, Introduction, Afterword, Epigraph, Memoir, Bibliography, Webography, Index, Table of contents, Fourth cover, Brochure.



In depth research on various domains

Our Portfolio