Literary Agent

Rawiya Editions does all editorial work and core services to the publication and circulation of a book. It acts as an intermediary between authors and the various actors and stakeholders of the book industry.

Rawiya accompanies writers in the elaboration of their projects and guides them towards partners central to the development of the publication process.

As a literary Agent, Rawiya Editions is a partner present at all stages of the editorial proceeding and the book production chain.

Editorial consultancy

In depth editorial contribution; writing guidance

Editorial and graphic conception

Editing; literary guidance; choice of language, illustrations and images; visual identity guidelines and layout.

Project development and Mediation

Partnerships set up and project coordination.

Contractual negotiation

Legal guidance in contracts.


Printing quotes, fabrication, choice of paper, bookbinding and printing.


Communication network setup; promotion; circulation and distribution.

Administrative management

Accounts follow-up and monitoring; orders and stocks management.