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Extensive research led Lara to decide on the Levantine cuisine as the topic of her first cookbook. The choice was rather obvious given Lara’s Lebanese roots and her appreciation for fresh fruits and harvest, and the balanced food that abound in the Levantine cuisine. The topic of Levantine Cuisine being wide, Lara chose to tackle it from a specific angle — that of seasons. Furthermore, Lara’s extensive study of Levantine recipes led her to realize that recipes are written in complex steps and language that need an update that speaks to the modern lifestyle. Hence, in addition to the seasons, Lara decided on simplicity.



“Hummus With Sun-Dried Tomato Confit: Hummus bi Tahini is probably the best-known Middle Eastern mezze staple, a creation of Levantine and Egyptian Arabs.  In this recipe, I have moved away from the traditional Lebanese topping — fried chopped or minced lamb meat with pine nuts and olive oil — to an equally delicious, vegetarian friendly-version.”  (P. 72 – Levantine Harvest)


“Pumpkin Kebbeh: This popular vegan version of kebbeh, which does away with fresh minced lamb, was initially created for lent. In the past, preparing kebbeh was a laborious process that involved pounding the main ingredient, usually the meat, and the burghul (cracked wheat) in a mortar and pestle.”  (P. 132 – Levantine Harvest)


About the author

Lara grew up in a home where there is far more to food than the obvious nourishment; there is an appreciation for its existence and influence in our lives. She believes cooking is accessible and frank. A meal doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate to look and taste amazing. The simplest recipes executed in the right way make for food that is quite simply divine. She likes honest recipes that don’t deceive or disappoint. Whether improvised, imagined, or shared, her recipes are meant to make her readers’ adventures in the kitchen more fun. Lara Ariss started a career in Advertising but shortly after decided to drop out from the corporate world and follow her passion. Lara is a Le Cordon Bleu certified Chef from London. While in London, Lara worked at upscale European restaurants. She spent some time in New York City taking writing courses, where she has had countless culinary adventures.